Country Lane and Back to School

‘What will you do with all that free time?’ is a question that I have been asked regularly over the last few weeks as my little girl embarks on her new school adventure this week.  My initial response to the question was one of consternation as free time is not something that comes to mind as a mother.  However on reflection it would be giving me twenty five free hours to catch up on all domestic and professional matters that I have struggled to fit in or juggle since Little I arrived in 2012.  And in my head I have been plotting and planning a blog for well over a year and it was time to walk the walk so to speak…

But why a blog and why now I ask myself daily?  It’s a project I tell myself…Leaving London and moving to rural countryside life after a lifetime in London to concentrate on family life allowed me to take stock of my career to date and to ponder on my love of all things sartorial.  Becoming a mother has so dramatically changed my perception of the world that inevitably there were going to be changes in my lifestyle, wardrobe and above all thinking!

I have recently become fascinated by the rise of social media and fashion blogging: a platform for bloggers to write with complete freedom with a unique perspective on fashion and styling.  My early days in fashion journalism would have been markedly different had social media been available then. Sigh!   However in my search of fashion and style blogs, I was struggling to find a blog that was relevant to me and my new found lifestyle.  How about curating my own blog I thought?   I would go back to my fashion journalistic roots and write about my personal journey of dressing as a new mother and relocated to the countryside.  I also wanted to share some fashion wisdom and observations drawn from over twenty five years working in costumes and fashion as well as dressing models, actors and the public alike.  And here I am, filled with trepidation and excitement just like my little girl as we both start our new adventure.