Gone Fishing Part 2 – What To Wear

It goes without saying that a post about my fly-fishing day also requires some sartorial advice. Here is my guide to beginner fly-fishing dressing with added style.

Wellies of course!  My preference is for any boot by Le Chameau.  My favourite for the countryside are the Neoprene lined boots,  I get very cold feet and wellies do not keep feet warm.  These work a treat, Unisex Country Vibram Neoprene Boot.

Unisex Country Vibram Neoprene Boot – Le Chameau – £135.00

I would not recommend jeans as I have learnt on many a film location shoot that in cold weather or otherwise jeans are the worst trouser to wear.  I would recommend a skinny corduroy or moleskin trouser, easier for tucking into boots and keeps you warm.  Have a look at Farlows who stock these cords by Dubarry. I would always pack a pair of Gortex waterproof trousers to have on standby.  I am a huge fan of this Canadian outdoor specialist clothing brand called Arc’teryx , Canada has the extreme weather and terrains and this brand delivers.  I like these.

You will need some wrap-around polarised sunglasses to protect eyes when casting from any stray fishing hooks.  Have a look at Bolle and Ray-ban.

A really warm sweater, ok a fleece would be practical too but not particularly stylish.  I am currently rather taken with this wonderful knitwear label And Daughter making traditional British sweaters but updated for the stylish modern woman. I am currently wearing this one and absolutely love it.  Look at these:

The Donegal Aran Roll Neck – £260.00
The Donegal Aran Knit by & Daughter – £255.00

A warm shirt: how about a stylish flannel check shirt, have a look at J Crew in their Autumn-Winter collections or their sale section.  Also look at a classic but fitted Tattersall shirt like this one.  I did find a great Tattersall style shirt by Isabel Marant on The Outnet, so worth having a look there as well.

Waterproof jacket: I wore my twenty-five year old Barbour jacket but found this more stylish jacket which was inspired by Barbour’s fishing jackets archive:

Women's Barbour Summer Spey Wax Jacket
Barbour Summer Spey Wax Jacket – £249.00

A hat: I love wearing hats, sadly hats seem to be only worn in the countryside, at weddings and funerals.  I wore a green felt Trilby but am impressed with these Fedora hats by Hicks & Brown, they come in great colours but to go fishing I would go for either of these options:

The Suffolk Fedora in Camel - £79.00
The Suffolk Fedora in Camel – £79.00
The Suffolk Fedora in Dark Brown - £79.00
The Suffolk Fedora in Dark Brown – £79.00

Thermals:  depending on the time of year and weather and by the very nature of the sport you will be be standing,  I think some thermals would be worth considering.  Best thermals are in silk such as Hanro Warmwear range or in merino wool such as Icebreaker, whose reputation was well and truly tested when  I was part of of a film crew that got stuck overnight in a blizzard on a Norwegian glacier, yes really! But their thermals worked.  Good tip: always ask a film camera technician which brand of clothing and equipment works best for them in outdoor locations.

Once you have progressed in fly-fishing then the next stop would be to visit Farlows who have the most comprehensive range of specialist clothing for fishing.  I would recommend a trip to the Pall Mall shop, the staff there have expert knowledge and will guide you to the best clothing and equipment.  They are the stockists of what is considered the best make for anglers, an American company called Simms (check out the black and white photography on the website!).

Images courtesy of Le Chameau, &Daughter, Barbour, Hicks & Brown

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